Special Projects

These concerts/events are available and performed by Pentaèdre on request. Please contact us for more details.

Winterreise with José Navas and Compagnie Flak

A contemporary dance and live chamber music version of the song cycle Winterreise by Franz Schubert

Eager to relive the joy of dancing with live orchestra for his Rite of Spring and to deepen the dialogue with Schubert’s Winterreise that he began in Rites avec le Winterreise de Schubert, José Navas is working on a new creation based on that 24-part song cycle of Schubert. This new creation, choreographed and performed by José Navas, will be presented in collaboration with Pentaèdre.

Crédit photo Nina Konjini


Franz Schubert / Normand Forget

The Winterreise cycle by Franz Sculbert (lyrics by Wilhelm Müller) is a chamber version for wind quintet, accordion and voice adapted by Normand Forget.

Winterreise is inspired by the “Schubertiades” evenings, when Schubert would play the piano for his friends, poets, singers, musicians or painters. A long romantic poem, Winterreise conveys powerful emotions through its sentimental themes: nature, affliction, grief, fate and love. Music reaches summits in colours, while lyrics tend to contemplative narration.

On a cold winter evening, satisfied with good food and wine, guests are carried away by the entrancing sound of the accordion, joined by the flute, the oboe, the bassoon, the horn. Then the singer joins in….The journey begins.

L’Amour est un opéra muet

“Somewhere in a pastoral scenery, five musicians breathe out twenty-two musical excerpts from Mozart’s famous opera Cosi fan tutte, inspired by a love and treason story. Two women and two men play along this eternal theme (…)”. Jean Assselin

A silent opera based on Cosi fan tutte by Mozart, presented by Pentaèdre and Omnibus le corps du théâtre. An original concept prepared by Normand Forget, from Lorenzo Da Ponte’s lyrics and Mozart’s music, arranged by Ulf-Guido Schäfer for wind quintet.

Direction by Jean Asselin.

With OMNIBUS, le corps du théâtre‘s mimes and Pentaèdre’s five musicians.

Le Jeu de l’inventaire

In 1948, the Refus Global, or Total Refusal, was written and signed by the most brilliant Quebec artists, poets and intellectuals, to denounce, among other things, the Catholic Church’s omnipresence and diktats. The manifesto caused an uproar, which will lead to the Quiet Revolution and the birth of modern Quebec. At the beginning of the 80’s, commissioned by now defunct “York Winds” ensemble, poet Michel Garneau and composer Michel Longtin composed Le Jeu de l’inventaire, a poetic and musical work as a tribute to Refus Global. Written for actor and wind quintet, Le Jeu de l’inventaire is at the same time a musical and theatrical description of the social and intellectual sclerosis criticized by the manifesto, a poetic depiction of its message and a fantastic exploration of the possible interaction between a comedian having to be a musician and musicians having to become actors.

Comedian: Jean Maheux
Direction: Alexis Martin

A Chair in love

A comic opera

A contemporary comic opera on a music by Welsh/Canadian composer John Metcalf and lyrics by Quebec playwright Larry Tremblay.

Truman, an “urban angst” film maker wakes up to read the reviews of his film which premiered last night. He is heralded as a genius who “can make us believe in coitus between a knife and a spoon.” He rushes home, feeling in his heart a desperate need to love, goes back to his studio and falls in love with his chair. His dog gets jealous and complications ensue….

A Chair in love is unique. It is that rare thing – a contemporary comic opera, but also an “adult” opera suitable and accessible to youth audiences, where the instrumentalists are dramaturgically, compositionally and scenographically integrated into the stage action.

A Chair in love is conceived for four singers: Truman (baritone), the Chair (soprano), the Dog (bass), and Dogtor/Doctor (mezzo) and the wind quintette Pentaèdre. Direction, Keith Turnbull. Stage Design, David Gaucher. Costume Design, Linda Brunelle. The piece is unconducted.

Max et les Ogres

For young audiences
French presentation

Max and his musicians friends are late for their concert… Thierry and Laura, who play oboe and bassoon, took too much time to clean their reed and store their instrument. Trying to be on time for their show, the three musicians decide to take a shorcut and venture in the dark forest near the town where they live. But a rather peculiar family of ogres live in this forest : as nobody ever passes through this dark wood, the ogres became vegetarian !! They usually feed on mushrooms, and these three musicians making their way across their forest bushes is an opportunity not to be missed !

Marionettist and talented storyteller Karine St-Arnaud joins Pentaèdre’s musicians to give life to this surprising encounter between the three musicians friends and the ogres family. The musicians lend their voice and instruments to the protagonists of this extraordinary story, using the wind quintet instruments’ brilliant and original tones to evoke the dark forest, the atmosphere in the group of musicians late for their concert, and the questioning of an ogre who wonders if a clarinetist would taste better than a mushroom!!

Text by Marc Baumgartner – Music by Christoph Sturzenegger

Scenography, design and creation of marionets: Karine St-Arnaud
Narration, performances and handling of marionets: Karine St-Arnaud

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